About us


The original design brand of sex dolls, focuses on high-quality sex toys. As an innovative sex toy design brand, we have completely subverted the traditional image of sex doll, bringing brand new fashion appearance, sensory experience and functional use to the public.


We created the MRLSEXDOLL brand in 2019. MRL dolls is the unique in offering best MINI ANIME sex dolls in the world.

We combine the advantages of action figure and sex doll, with the exquisite appearance as action figure and soft pussy as sex doll. MRLSEXDOLL is the pioneer in the mini sex action figure.

We design different kinds of mini sex dolls: constellation series, monster girl series, city girl series, large version series and so on.

Why Choose Us

MRLSEXDOLL is a creative design brand.
For service: we hear the voice of our customers, tell us your ideas of dolls, we would make it come ture.
For innovative: we constantly update our product with new style and techniques,
developed new Medical Grade Silicone, different vaginas and breasts.
For quality: we focus on details of production, every product is a work of art.
And we also make original comics for each sex doll.

We hope the anime doll could make your life perfect, stay naive, enthusiastic and hopeful. Take her to your home as a gift for yourself.