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Mini Avatar: Tiny Sex Doll Men Sex Toys Mini Avatar

If you want a portable pocket pussy but don't like the boring onahole shape, then our mini torso sex doll will be your best choice. Our mini torso sex dolls are miniature versions of each normal size, and every part is the same as the original doll.

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Perfectly designed Mini Avatar sex doll

The mini torso sex doll not only has the same soft touch as the onaholes, but also has a sexy body shape with beautiful curves in the boobs and butts. This is something that regular onahole doesn't have.

Enjoy sweet pleasure with mini torso sex doll

As you spread her lovely ass, you will see a narrow entrance to the tunnel. It is lined in pink, and you won’t be able to wait, so you thrust inside. At first, you feel massaging bumps at the soft entrance. You slide deeper into the onahole, and the tunnel tightens around your shaft. You arouse even more with the G-spot bump pressing against you.  When you slide in and out, you can feel many little ‘gates’ to push through. The end of the tunnel narrows a little and bounces back with your every push.